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Qameh Group includes several leading companies operating in constructions of cities, rehabilitation ancient historical ruins, travel services, development and investment real-estate, and in supporting the country’s agricultural wealth and development.


YAMHAD LLC., is a subsidiary of Qameh Group Companies, licensed in Commercial Register under No. (23222), specialized in contracting and entrepreneurship, import and export services, building materials trade, housing construction, as well as interior decoration and participation in tenders and auctions.


TUTTUL LLC., is a subsidiary of Qameh Group Companies, licensed in Commercial Register under No. (22795), specialized in practicing the profession of real estate development and investment and undertaking real estate projects, which are the strategic projects that include building new urban communities to develop specific areas in the light of the available data for comprehensive regional planning for the competent authorities, and the data of the administrative authority, and the projects of addressing slums which aim to secure alternative housing for the owners of houses exposed to falling, and establishing social projects that aim to secure housing for specific segments.

Establishing the projects of non-tourism-related special service areas that are owned by the real estate developer or the administrative authority, which include developing advanced medical, educational, commercial, and sports service areas.

Supporting the state’s plan to execute projects taking sustainable development into consideration.


QAMEH LLC., is a subsidiary of Qameh Group Companies, licensed in Commercial Register under No. (22974), specialized in Importing and exporting all legally permitted materials, setting up and investing agricultural projects, projects for rehabilitation and cultivation of multi-purpose plants and uses, producing honey, providing all its services, trading agricultural crops, importing, exporting and trading all foodstuff, vegetables, fruits, mushroom, conservatives, mortadella, frozen meat, grains, legumes, oils, guess as well as fresh and artificial juices, selling all agricultural requirements such as pesticides, seeds and various kinds of soil, besides producing agricultural transplants, supplying and installing irrigation networks, designing and landscaping of gardens with their maintenance. Equipping all kinds of sports stadiums especially green landscapes and irrigation. Raising and trading of animals and fish. Fattening milky cows and livestock providing all all requirements for the projects and farming such as importing all materials, feed, equipment and tools required for the farmers and animals raising in addition to all requirements of agricultural and animal production together with the farming equipment  machines and irrigation systems in accordance with the valid laws and regulations.


TERQA LLC., is a subsidiary of Qameh Group Companies, licensed in Commercial Register under No. (22975), specialized in Establishing, managing, investing, owning and operating all establishments, tourist complexes, hotels, restaurants, malls, cafes, cafeterias, rest houses and amusement parks and providing all their services according to the laws and regulations in force, organizing tourist trips, travel agency, touristic services office and agency for activities, media and touristic marketing, import and export of all allowed materials legally, participating in tenders and auctions with the public, private and common sectors, as well as, representing companies and local, foreign and Arabic agencies.


RAHA , is a subsidiary of Qameh Group Companies, licensed with commercial registry number / 23095 /
Specialized in archaeological documentation and lifting works, restoration and rehabilitation works for archaeological buildings,
In the field of contracting work and undertakings related to ancient archaeological sites in accordance with international quality and occupational safety standards, and one of its goals is to document social axes in all of their axes, including customs, traditions and heritage.


A non-profit, non-religious, non-political, licensed organization with an independent legal personality
It aims to provide services that are concerned with:
1_ Care and support the elderly groups of society (the elderly – children – people with special needs) and provide all services and establish the necessary facilities.
2_ Preserving antiquities and the tangible and intangible cultural heritage and working to document and circulate it.
3_. Launching training initiatives to support those interested in preserving and documenting tangible and intangible heritage.
4_ Establish cultural and artistic exchange programs and services that enhance international cooperation and mutual respect.